According to an article in, Obama Said to Plan for Chrysler Bankruptcy, Alliance , Chrysler may now file for bankruptcy as early as tomorrow.  If anyone thinks that Chrysler will just do a quick 363 sale to Fiat (or some new entity), they have another thing coming.  While the “major” secured creditors may be willing to roll over (and Big Labor gave some concessions), there is no telling what the “minor” secured creditors (e.g., those who have mold liens, etc.) may do.  Also, let’s see how the unsecured creditors are going to be adversely affected in a Chrylser bankruptcy — I say strap yourself in and get ready for a bumpy ride.  The real question is:  what happens at the end of that ride if Chrysler still has high labor cost, adequate quality and uninventive vehicles?  I think we all know.